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The UR-202, aka The Hammerhead, is reborn in with this radical physique and bracket in metal. A rebirth only produced feasible via
close collaboration in between URWERK and also the high-end bracelet manufacture, Maspoli.
URWERK and us had a typical ambition to make the Rolls Royce of bracelets and we produced no concessions to reach that objective. We
produced each and every component ourselves, such as the tools to create the elements. The bracelet demands 11 separate actions to
attain the needed degree of refinement. From the 22 links comprising every bracelet, only six are identical, says Mr. Moscatello
proudly, getting utilized all of his 43 years of encounter within the project.
The metal bracelet strap from the UR-202S S for Stripe can also be differentiated from other members from the 200 collection from the
eye-catching three-dimensional vertical lines operating along its dial. The inventive freedom to create these lines was feasible because
of the current acquisition by URWERK of their 1st 5-axis CNC machine. This new machine allows URWERK to machine 80% from the elements
from the UR-202S themselves.
Dial Side
Revolving Satellite Complication The UR-20S2 attributes URWERK's patented Revolving Satellite Complication with telescopic minutes
hands. The Revolving Satellite Complication displays time utilizing telescopic minutes hands operating via the middle of 3 orbiting and
revolving hours satellites. The telescopic minutes hands exactly adjust their length to adhere to the 3 sectors marking the minutes :
0-14, 15-44, 45-60. Extended montblanc replica , they allow the UR-202S to display the time across a sizable, easy-to-read dial. Retracted, they permit to
get a extremely wearable and comfortably sized case.
Back side
The UR-202S will be the world's 1st watch using the winding rate regulated by fluid dynamics. As lengthy ago because the 18th century, raymond weil watches
clockmakers had been utilizing air friction to regulate the speed of chiming clocks, and their methods evolved to turn out to be the
preferred technique of regulating the rate of chimes on minute-repeaters. Using the UR-202, URWERK have taken the conventional concept
of utilizing air friction and refined it to manage the rate of automatic winding. The conventional rotating vanes from the previous
happen to be replaced by cutting-edge miniature twin turbines miniature air compressors which may be noticed spinning on the back from
the watch. The UR-202S's twin turbines are coupled using the winding rotor. Based on the position from the selector lever, the turbines
act as shock absorbers. breitling watch fake In regular activity they cushion sharp movements from the rotor. This reduces put on and increases the lifespan
from the motion.
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